sharles sculpting Ram Head
iris show piece vase

ARTIST STATEMENT for Sharles 2009

I have always been fascinated with the beauty of flowers, butterflies, frogs, lizards, dragon flies and the small birds found as a youth in my grandmother’s garden.  The interaction of small wildlife, delicate flowers and organic forms remain the foundation of the majority of my art.

My artistic aesthetics are  the oriental concepts of  natural beauty with it’s imperfections.  I  feel a spiritual kinship with the “imperfect perfection” ideology.    I use bold, bright, colorful patinas applied to bronze art that has been sculpted and  allowed to evolve through the casting process endowing with each piece having its own distinct artistic personality.

I believe all art is basically functional in its setting, independent of its primary use.  My work is design driven and I push the creative boundaries, exploring daily the possibilities of “what can be” in each piece, versus what it presently is.  I delight is creating organic vessels and candlesticks as much as the more traditional pedestal art sculpture.